Company to Host Press Room at Natural Products Expo West

VANCOUVER, British Columbia March 05, 2015–Luvo Inc., a revolutionary frozen food company that offers great tasting, nutritionally-dense frozen meals made from the highest quality ingredients, announced today the results of a targeted ethnographic study with The Hartman Group that identified trends in consumer’s perceptions of healthy foods and uncovered the disconnect between aspirational and actual behaviours. The results of the study will be discussed further at the 2015 Natural Products Expo West conference, at which Luvo will be hosting the Press Room and providing samplings of their delicious and nutritious meals for media to taste.

“Through extensive research, we have seen numerous trends in consumers’ behaviors and how they change over time”

The study found that consumers have a desire to make healthier choices, but have historically been unable to find solutions to fit both their lifestyle and needs, while also receiving a myriad of conflicting information about what constitutes “healthy” products; leading to a confused consumer and disconnect between aspirational and real behaviors when it comes to buying and eating healthy foods.

“There are so many people on the pursuit for better health, and Luvo has cracked the code in developing delicious and nutritious meals from real foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean sources of protein. With fresh, wholesome ingredients, Luvo is providing products that meet the needs of today’s consumers, affording them convenient solutions without compromising great flavor and nutrition,” said Samantha B. Cassetty, M.S., R.D., Vice President of Nutrition at Luvo. “We are reinventing frozen food and challenging its historic reputation as a tasteless and less nutritious option. By using patented technology, Luvo is able to give consumers an unmatched experience of the aroma, taste, beautiful plating, and nutrition of a well- planned, home cooked meal.”

Specifically the study found:

    • Consumers ranked nutrition high in their consideration for food purchases. However, in looking at their purchases, many are currently making non-nutritious choices, so they are struggling to find products that meet their aspirational needs. Consumers know what to look for to try to avoid processed foods. They read labels looking for whole foods, with the focus shifting from fat and calories to salt and sugar content.
    • Consumers look to a range of cues, such as a recognizable short list of ingredients, to determine if a food is “processed” or “fresh” and seek nutritionally well-rounded food sources for even the most important macronutrients – fiber and protein.
    • As a result of preconceived notions, traditional frozen foods are in danger of being lumped into the packaged food space as consumers today are making distinctions between fresh food (seen as healthy) and packaged food (seen as less healthy).

“Through extensive research, we have seen numerous trends in consumers’ behaviors and how they change over time,” said Laurie Demeritt, CEO of The Hartman Group. “The focus today is increasingly on the nutritional panel, however we have found that consumers struggle to interpret the information available and are more often feel frustrated and stymied in their attempt to eat healthier. Key brands such as Luvo have created a new, healthier option in the frozen food aisle, simplifying the ingredients and providing real food for consumers to be able to reach their aspirational health and nutrition goals.”

Luvo invites you to visit their booth #5685 (Hall E) in the Anaheim Convention Center at the Natural Products Expo West, the leading trade show in the natural, organic and healthy products industry. The Company will also be hosting the Press Room and providing samples of their frozen meal options. The Press Room will be located in the Grand Ballroom E of the Marriott Anaheim Hotel and open Thursday 8:30 – 5 pm, Friday 9 – 4 pm, Saturday 9 – 5 pm and Sunday 9 – 2 pm.

About Luvo
Luvo was founded on a simple idea: To love our food — how it tastes, what it does for our health and how it makes us feel nourished and happy. Luvo develops, manufactures, markets and sells healthy retail food products, including flatbreads, soups, and fresh and frozen ready-made entrees. Luvo works with its suppliers to ensure the quality of its ingredients, giving top consideration to eco-friendly practices that promote sustainability and ethical sourcing and products that are environmentally sound and health-sustaining. To learn more about Luvo, visit, like us on Facebook and follow @LuvoInc on Twitter.

About Hartman Group
The Hartman Group, located in Bellevue, Washington, blends leading-edge customized research and consulting to understand the subtle complexities of consumer and shopper behavior. Since 1989, The Hartman Group has provided unique perspectives on the underlying motivations and behaviors that move the needle for our clients. To learn more about how Hartman Group stays sharply focused on how consumers live, shop and use brands and products visit: Sign up for our consumer insights briefing:

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