Giving Back

Hunger in America isn’t just a problem of quantity, it’s about quality. Millions of low-income families and individuals around the country can’t afford or don’t have access to high-quality nutrition. And while food banks are doing everything they can to fill the gap, over 50 million Americans – including 17 million children – struggle to get enough nutritious food every day.

Good nutrition is something we care very deeply about. Our purpose is to prove great taste and good nutrition can go hand in hand. We’ve made it our mission to help America eat better, and that includes all Americans.

Whyhunger Partnership

We’ve teamed up with WhyHunger, an organization which truly understands that solving the hunger problem means doing a lot more than just providing more calories. Through their innovative approach and a network of pioneering food banks across the country, WhyHunger addresses the root causes while focusing on the quality of food being provided to America’s hungry.

In 2014, we donated over 75,000 nourishing entrées – 150,000+ since our partnership began – and 2.8% of our total retail, vending and online sales to food banks in major cities across the U.S. Working with WhyHunger, we’re helping food banks stock their shelves with nutritious good-for-you food.

Our donation locations include:


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Groceryships is working on a macro issue in a micro way. Based in Los Angeles, California, the not-for-profit organization works with small groups of families for long periods of time, providing education, temporary financial support, resources, and a sacred space for each person to share about their struggles and triumphs related to health and nutrition. They believe true change comes not from the top down, but from the inside out, and that changes in one person can have a ripple effect through a family, a community, a city, a nation, and eventually a world.

Luvo is proud to join grocery partners Ralph’s and Whole Foods in supporting Groceryships to help elevate their mission of improving long-term health and wellness in low-income communities by creating a network of educational support groups and enhancing access to healthy, unprocessed foods. So far, Luvo has donated 1,280 entrées to help support this mission.

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