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What’s in Season? Artichokes!

Did you know that the edible part of the artichoke is actually the bud of the plant’s flower? Originating in the Mediterranean region, the artichoke is a variety of a species of thistle. That might not sound too appetizing but don’t let that little fact rob you of the joy of eating its tender heart, inner stem and petals. … Read more »


How to Manage Your Food Waste

The amount of food we waste as a society is mind-boggling. Estimates suggest that around 30–40% of all edible food is lost or thrown away. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, that translates to over 130 billion pounds, or around 141 trillion calories, worth over $160 billion. That’s a lot of scraps. The good news is that food waste is having a moment, and there are many ways we can help.… Read more »


5 Unusually Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes

There’s something to be said for the nostalgia and comfort that comes along with classic Thanksgiving dishes. Roasted turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts… the quintessential menu that wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t swimming in gravy and a few dollops of cranberry sauce. Top it all off with a big slice of pumpkin pie and you’re ready for your food coma.… Read more »


Top 5 Most Nutritious Beans

Does that old song from your childhood about beans and their ‘musical’ powers keep you from buying them when you visit the grocery store? Don’t let a little hot air scare you away… beans are incredibly nutritious and can be prepared in numerous delicious recipes. Where would the almighty burrito be without the bean? Hummus would be non-existent. Chili would be lackluster. The list goes on…
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DIY Teas

Tea is something we take for granted. It seems complicated, those mysterious pieces of dried leaves or branches or spices or whatever they are. It must have taken hours of labour to grow and harvest the plants, dry them out, blend the flavors and box them up with soothing packaging copy and labeling. That’s true, but if you’ve got an open mind and a bit of creativity, making your own tasty tea at home is simple and satisfying.

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Shallots: the Untold Story

Home cooking has undergone a paradigm shift in the past twenty-five years. An industry of TV shows, books and flavor gurus has arisen like an airy soufflé, dedicated to helping the home cook create restaurant-quality feasts from the comfort of his or her galley kitchen. One of the outcomes is a better understanding of the techniques, tools and ingredients professional chefs use to make food taste great. But questions linger about certain mysterious ingredients, not least of which is “What the heck is a shallot?”… Read more »


Pesto Power!

Originating in northern Italy and first mentioned in a cookbook written in 1863, pesto is a sauce traditionally made from a blend of crushed garlic, fresh basil, pine nuts, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. The name comes from the Italian word pestare which means “to crush”, and refers to the pesto preparation method which involved crushing the ingredients together in a mortar and pestle. Today, you can buy pesto in pre-made form at the grocery store, or you can make it… Read more »