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4 Recipes That Use Coffee (That Aren’t Drinks)

A hot cup of coffee is something I would have a difficult time removing from my daily routine, but did you know there are plenty of other ways to enjoy it? And I’m not talking about the endless world of caffeinated beverages available on every corner. Just like you can cook with wine , you can also cook with coffee! Its distinctive flavor can play a complementary role alongside other ingredients in sweet desserts and savory entrees alike, and a little goes a long way. … Read more »


Matcha Time

Matcha is everywhere. The powdered green tea has been around for a long time, but lately it’s getting more media attention and showing up often in green-tinged food items in cafes and grocery stores around the world. Powdered tea has been consumed for over a thousand years and has a strong connection to Zen Buddhism. It originated in China and Japan and has evolved in its preparation and according to preferences, but it’s definitely in the midst of a renaissance.… Read more »


How to Make Tofu Tasty

Having been both vegetarian and vegan in my past lives, I’ve had quite a lengthy relationship with one of the most popular non-meat protein sources: the mashed soybean product also known as tofu. I’ll be honest, like many people raised in carnivorous households, I never found tofu to be particularly interesting. That was, however, until I learned how to really cook with it.… Read more »


The Best White Wines

to pair with Luvo’s latest entrées

Luvo entrées are great on their own, of course, but if you’re looking to take them to an even higher degree on the taste experience scale, you might want to consider pairing your dish with a glass of wine. Since there is a lot of variety of flavors, sauces and seasonings in the latest entrées, we thought we’d offer a few suggestions for wine pairings, starting with the best white wines.… Read more »


Just Put an Egg On It

We know you’re into protein. We are too. Not that we’re being crazy about it, we’re just trying to make sure we get enough to satisfy our daily needs. It’s well known that protein helps repair muscles—it’s one of the main macronutrients our bodies need to function optimally, along with carbs and fats. So how do you make sure you’re getting enough? One easy, tasty and fun way is to take what you’re eating and put an egg on it.… Read more »


Follow the Leader!

How parents can influence fitness

Parents, you’ve got the hardest job ever – you have to soothe those screeching toddlers in public, claim the kid that knocked over the store display and, in general, teach miniature humans right from wrong. It’s a daunting job, and we commend you! We’re all busy, with growing lists of things to do and teach our children; from safety, manners, and educating them to general awesomeness. But so often fitness and physical health can take a back seat. With childhood obesity and diabetes rates rising, it’s becoming urgent to encourage kids… Read more »