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How to Make the Best Hot Chocolate Ever

Wrapping your hands around a mug of creamy hot chocolate is the perfect conclusion to pretty much any winter activity. Whether you’re recovering from a day of making snow angels, falling on your butt on the skating rink one too many times, or wrapping gifts shaped like they were run over by Santa’s sleigh, a hot cup of cocoa takes all the pain away.… Read more »


Hot and Healthy Winter Sippers

The winter season wouldn’t be complete without the rich scent of mulling spices filling the air. One of my favorite things about this time of year is all the delicious hot beverages served at various gatherings. Mulled wine at winter markets, hot cider on the stove at mom’s house, hot cocoa, hot buttered rum… hot dang! … Read more »


Know Your Food: Flaxseed 101

In a story about Luvo for Fast Company, Jane Black gave one of the ingredients of our flatbreads foodie cred by saying: “Flaxseed is the Olivia Wilde of the ingredient world–smart, sexy and not overused.” We think that’s pretty bang-on. What’s the story behind this particular ingredient? We decided to break it down for you:… Read more »


Festivus: Feats of Strength

This month on the Luvo blog, we’re celebrating Festivus a holiday tradition made popular by the Costanzas on the hit 90s sitcom Seinfeld. We already shared our tips on throwing your own Festivus party, and now we’re onto another Festivus tradition: the Feats of Strength.

If you’re a Seinfeld fan, you probably recall this tradition fondly, or at least with a smirk. The Feats of Strength are the grand finale of the Festivus celebration. Following the Festivus dinner, the head of the household challenges one guest to a wrestling match. Festivus doesn’t officially end until the head of the household is pinned to the ground.… Read more »


Best of the Fresh Blog 2014

As our first year in business comes to a close, we took some time at Luvo HQ to reflect on all we have accomplished. The conclusion? This year has been nothing short of amazing! New and blossoming partnerships with Delta Airlines, Yankees legend Derek Jeter and world renowned doctor Mark Hyman all helped propel our mission of getting delicious, healthy food into the hands (and stomachs) of as many Americans as possible. As you know, another part of our philosophy here at Luvo is to be a source of information and inspiration for you. Here are our picks of some of the most celebrated and shared Luvo blog posts of 2014:… Read more »


Our Favorite Food Trends of 2014

Every year has its food stories: those items that are always in the news or being talked up by your friends and co-workers as the best new thing since pulled pork. 2014 was no exception, as it brought an interesting cross-section of dishes and delights that made the leap from sidekick to superstar. Here are some of our favorites.… Read more »


Winter Squash Wonderland

With their unique shapes and spotty colors, winter squash are just as eye-catching in holiday centerpieces as they are on your plate. Contrary to what you might think, winter squash is not grown in the wintertime, but in the summer, with harvesting usually done in September and October. They get their name thanks to their thicker rinds, which allow them to be stored for use in the colder months.… Read more »