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Beeting Around The Bush: How to Make Beet Ketchup

We all know ketchup is a requirement with summertime food. It’s impossible to imagine favorites like fresh ground burgers and crispy fries without ketchup—even if you’re opting for a turkey patty and sweet potato version. But regular ol’ ketchup is often loaded with high-fructose corn syrup and it’s a … Read more »


Guilt-free Poutine

Poutine (pronounced “poo-tin” with a French-Canadian accent) is one of Canada’s most beloved dishes. Invented in Quebec in the 1950s, this pants-tightening snack consists of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. The fries are usually the thicker variety, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The peppery gravy (poultry-based is preferred) and cheese curds are added just … Read more »

Learn How to Eat Wild Plants

Eating Wild Edible Plants

The idea of eating locally grown food has spread far and wide. The standard for many restaurants is to source as much of their menu as possible from farmers within a few hundred kilometres. But only eating items grown neatly in rows at a farm still leaves a lot of edible items uneaten—the wild ones. There are … Read more »


Melon 6 Ways

I made the totally amazing excellent discovery the other day (and probably many of you did as well if you’re on Pinterest) that watermelon pizza is a thing. I don’t mean replacing the pineapple on your Hawaiian pizza with watermelon, but using watermelon wedges in place of the pizza pie and adding toppings like fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts… Read more »


6 Foodie Kickstarters to Watch

Perhaps one of the most popular crowdfunding websites, Kickstarter is a hotbed for innovation in pretty much every industry you can think of. While it can be a mixed bag (plenty of bad comes along with the good) it’s a great way for creative people get much-needed funding for their revolutionary ideas. It’s a great place to find some very interesting concepts in the world of food and drink. Check out our top picks of foodie Kickstarters to watch, and if any of them … Read more »


6 Winter Foods Transformed for Summer

I don’t want to bring bad luck on anyone, but it appears that winter in North America is basically behind us. The sun’s out, the days are longer, and we have more time to perch on our patios with friends and family. If you’re like me, you’re happy to leave the cold months in the real-view mirror, but there are a few foods and flavors often enjoyed over the winter that you don’t want to forget entirely. The answer? Make like the seasons and change them, to better suit the weather.… Read more »


Grey is the new Green

3 Tasty Grey Smoothie Recipes to Try

While doing research and developing my 5-ingredient smoothies, I noticed that some of my smoothies didn’t come out the way I thought they would. Instead of bright pinks and blues that I pictured falling from Pinterest into my glass, I often got sludge-like substances that looked more like freshly poured concrete or something out of a puddle… in a parking lot… in a bad part of town… after it rained.… Read more »