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Endive 101

In season in the fall, endive is a nutritious leafy vegetable that kind of looks like a miniature hybrid of lettuce and cabbage. The leaves have a tender crunchiness and their flavor is a little on the bitter side. Alongside its cousins radicchio, escarole and frisee, you sometimes see endive coming into play in fancy salads. In addition, the leaves of the endive are shaped like little boats, so they’re perfect for appetizers where dips are involved. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative than deep fried chips or crackers, endive will certainly step up to the plate. Endive can be enjoyed equally in hot or cold dishes, eaten raw, braised or roasted.

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Deflating the Calorie Myth – it is About the Sugar

Originally posted Oct 20th 2015 on Linkedin

I am a big Seahawks fan, so writing this in support of Tom Brady’s comments is a big deal for me. But I believe in our common cause – the truth about sugar.  I appreciate Tom Brady for championing the sugar conversation. I am disappointed in the responses by the Food Industry and the missed opportunity to have a real conversation about sugar.… Read more »


Global Cutlery

Let’s face it, we take cutlery for granted. It’s always just, there: on the table, loitering around the plates, pointing at the glasses. Sure, if you’re at a wedding or other fancy event, talk always goes to which is the salad fork and which is the pork fork, or which spoon one should to use to clink one’s glass. But cutlery, or silverware or flatware as it’s also known, is an essential part of our daily eating lives, and so we wanted to investigate it further … Read more »


Matcha Time

Matcha is everywhere. The powdered green tea has been around for a long time, but lately it’s getting more media attention and showing up often in green-tinged food items in cafes and grocery stores around the world. Powdered tea has been consumed for over a thousand years and has a strong connection to Zen Buddhism. It originated in China and Japan and has evolved in its preparation and according to preferences, but it’s definitely in the midst of a renaissance.… Read more »


How to Make Tofu Tasty

Having been both vegetarian and vegan in my past lives, I’ve had quite a lengthy relationship with one of the most popular non-meat protein sources: the mashed soybean product also known as tofu. I’ll be honest, like many people raised in carnivorous households, I never found tofu to be particularly interesting. That was, however, until I learned how to really cook with it.… Read more »


Guide to Sausages

Summer’s coming to a glorious end. If you’re a meat eater, perhaps you’ve had a chance to enjoy at least one barbecue, if not many more. One of my favorite things to grill, and I’m guessing they’re also one of yours, are sausages. But which kind? What flavor? There are so many types and combinations, we better investigate. … Read more »


The Nutrition Questions I’m Always Asked

From the playground to the Player’s Tribune events, I’m quite a popular gal. I’d like to say it’s my winning personality that draws the fanfare, but often it’s the fact that as a dietitian, I’m available to answer all of those nagging, personal questions about food and nutrition that leave you wondering…what’s the real story? It’s a common occurrence, from the mom at school who handed me her food diary to Kelly Ripa (the Kelly Ripa!), who, upon meeting her briefly, whipped out her protein bar and asked me to weigh in.… Read more »