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The Best Red Wines

to pair with Luvo’s latest entrées

If you saw our post pairing Luvo entrees with white wines, you’ll know you’ve got many options for taste matching with cool crisp cups. Today we’re going to complete the circle by suggesting a few red wines you might want to try with our new meals. You probably saw this post coming, because you’re smart. … Read more »


The Best White Wines

to pair with Luvo’s latest entrées

Luvo entrées are great on their own, of course, but if you’re looking to take them to an even higher degree on the taste experience scale, you might want to consider pairing your dish with a glass of wine. Since there is a lot of variety of flavors, sauces and seasonings in the latest entrées, we thought we’d offer a few suggestions for wine pairings, starting with the best white wines.… Read more »


Cooking with Wine

At the end of a long week (or short one, let’s be real), there’s nothing I like more than pouring a glass of wine and cooking a nice dinner. Whether I’m cooking with or for someone else or just for myself, wine definitely enhances the experience.… Read more »


Market Greens Salad with Corn Milk Dressing

What the heck is corn milk? It’s the liquid that forms once you strain blended fresh corn kernels along with some of the liquid from the cob (more on this in the recipe) – super fresh and full of flavour!… Read more »


Luvo Coffee Pairings

Coffee. Oh coffee. You are the joy in my morning commute, the warmth during cold winter months and a lifesaver when I need to stay alert (like while writing this blog post). I always start my day with a medium roast Americano – black. I don’t always make time to pair my java with something meaningful, which is a shame as coffee can compliment so many different foods.

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