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Ice Cubes 101

Summer’s hot, you need cold drinks. It’s just a fact. And ice cubes can help make that happen. But sometimes you don’t want your cubes melting too fast, as they’ll water-down your drink. Or you might not need the drink to drop in temperature very much, just a few… Read more »


How To Properly Stuff A Burger

Burgers have a particular sound when they first hit the grill. If you close your eyes for a second, you can hear it now. It’s a very unique sizzle that only comes from juicy patties hitting hot bars. That sound, lets us know summer has arrived and it’s time to grab a bun.… Read more »


Dissecting the Traditional Korean Meal

There’s nothing bland in Korean food. It’s a cuisine of bold flavors and colors, and a balance of rich meats and abundance of vegetables. Packed with ruthless amounts of garlic, onions and the always aromatic sesame oil, combined with a kick from their distinct spicy soy bean paste … Read more »


Summer Jicama Salad

The freshest of the fresh, this salad is a light, quick and crunchy Mexican staple meant to keep you cool and hydrated during summer months. Pair this with your favorite Luvo entrée (we recommend our Orange Mango Chicken or the Chicken Enchiladas) or bring it to your next potluck beach party. It’s easy to pack, ready to serve and leftover ingredients can double as cocktail garnishes.

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Grilling 101

Who doesn’t love the intoxicating scent of food sizzling on a hot grill? No matter your dietary preferences, it’s hard not to appreciate the wonderful flavors an open flame can bring out in pretty much any kind of food from meat and fish to veggies and fruit. Whether you’re grilling up … Read more »


What to Eat After You Overindulge

So you went a little overboard with the salty, fatty or sugary treats and you’re feeling bad about straying from the healthy eating path. You probably have a bit of a tummy ache too. Don’t fret! It happens to everyone, and there’s no reason you can’t make a U-turn. A few simple tips can help get you back on track and help your body recover from the indulgence. … Read more »


Teff: The New Quinoa

We’re calling it: teff is the next big thing to hit the grain scene. It’s a grass native to Ethiopia and even though its grain is small in size, it’s packed with nutritional value. High in dietary fiber and iron, with plenty of protein, … Read more »