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Luvo Hacks: Superbowl

Your game plan for a healthier Super Bowl

The average Super Bowl watcher will eat 2,400 calories – and that’s just during the game alone! Click around our interactive game plan of winning Super Bowl snacks and finger foods for a healthier spin all your favorites.

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The Freezer Gourmet

Create Meals From Your Favorite Leftovers

Ever cringe in horror when they reveal that the chefs competing on a reality show have to throw a gourmet meal together using the most bizarre combination of ingredients? Crushed granny mints, crumbled blue cheese, a Twinkie, a daikon radish, and…. Go! Looking into your fridge or freezer trying to come up with a gourmet meal for your family can feel like the same thing. Your challenge: make a delicious… Read more »


5 Ways to Convert Veggie Haters

Some people think vegetables are boring. Some even go as far as saying they hate them. Saying you hate vegetables is kind of like saying you hate a blank canvas. Sure, a lot of veggies have distinctive and delicious flavors on their own, but it really comes down to how you prepare them.… Read more »


How to Have a Champion Day

“Have a nice day” is a common sign-off. Sometimes people get a little crazy and switch up the word “nice” with “great”, but what if you like to live on the edge? My trailblazing friend Corey used to end his voicemail greeting by saying “Have a champion day”, effectively transforming the word champion from a noun into an adjective and bringing a big smile to my face whenever I think about it.… Read more »


Secrets To Your Best Pasta Ever

Do you think making pasta is just about boiling noodles and tossing them in some sauce? If that’s your attitude, you may be missing out on enjoying the most delicious pasta you have ever tasted. With just a few simple tweaks, you can bring your pasta making skills to gourmet level. Impress your taste buds and your dinner guests with these tips for making your best pasta ever!… Read more »